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Welcome to the Department of Theology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens!

The School of Theology, one of the first four schools of the newly founded University of Athens in 1837, was originally named “School of Theology of the Othonian University”. In 1862, it was renamed “School of Theology of the National University”, in 1911 the name changed again to “School of Theology of the University” until, finally, in 1932 it changed again to “School of Theology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens”.

The School started operating for the first time in the neoclassical building of the private residence of architect Stamatis Kleanthis. This was the first building of the University of Athens when in 1841 the University’s location changed and continued operating in the Central Building on University St. until finally in 1976 it relocated in
the Campus in Ano Ilisia.

Manifold are the services of the School of Theology to Science, to the Church and to the Greek society. Laymen and clergy acquire the necessary knowledge and develop the skills required to become RE teachers and creative scientists in terms of research and of teaching religion. The School educates members of the Church (clergy, laymen and monks) too so that they are capable of meeting the obligations that come with filling various positions not only in the Church but also in other aspects of public life.